GastroCumans – Flavours, tours, neighbours.

GastroCumans is a new thematic gastronomic and craft route, which takes place in the tourist destination that crosses the Hungarian-Serbian border, involving some settlements in the region.

From Hungary: Szank, Kiskunmajsa, Csólyospálos, Móricgát, Jászszentlászló, Kömpöc.

From Serbia: Feketic, Mali Idos, Lovcenac.

Shared experiences, shared values

The aim of GastroCumans is to create an innovative tourism product based on the common cultural and natural heritage, thus facilitating the exploitation of sustainable and added value eco-resources.

With our established hiking route, we do not only want to arouse the interest of tourists, but also to make the local population proud, and to support producers and craftsmen.

Our website collects and presents the values ​​of the participating settlements, the products of the masters and producers, as well as the colourful program offer of the region.

Gastronomy and winemaking
Hospitality and accommodation
Traditions and gardening