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Two special GastroCuman dishes, the preparation of which we will not only show, but we will also hold a tasting at the end!

The pattie is one of the oldest and most popular savory cakes in Hungarian-populated regions. One of the popular versions of this is potato patties fried in oil, for which there is no exact recipe, because as many housewives and as many regions make it in as many ways. Within the framework of the event, those interested can get to know our grandmothers’ recipes, learn the secrets of making potato scones and taste the wonderful and simple dish that many people like best when smeared with good homemade apricot jam.

Today’s unfairly forgotten millet will also be introduced at the workshop, from which our chefs will prepare a delicious soup. Millet was one of the most common cereals in medieval Hungary, but with the spread of bread grains, its consumption gradually faded into the background. In the 18th and 19th centuries, its consumption almost ceased throughout Europe, but today it has returned to its rightful place in more and more kitchens as an excellent source of protein and amino acids.

The recipes of the prepared meals can also be found in the digital cookbook.




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