The Country House and Bread Bakery is one of the oldest architectural landmarks in Kiskunmajsa, faithfully reflecting the characteristics of traditional folk architecture typical of the Kiskunság region. Its name refers to its original function, as it always operated as a bread bakery house. The building was constructed around 1850 and is a rectangular-shaped, thatched-roof house made of adobe.

The current state of the Country House was achieved in three construction phases:

  1. The oldest part is a three-section residential house facing the street, and its furnishings date back to the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. The spacious oven opening into the chimney ensured the heating of the living area. The first chamber exhibits objects from the younger generation dating back to the second half of the last century.
  2. In the second phase, a secondary chamber was built next to the house with adobe bricks placed on a limestone base.
  3. The barns were constructed last.

In addition to this traditional “comb” arrangement, there is a spacious courtyard with a bread baking oven, a vegetable garden, and a covered community space called the “Kultúrfészer,” which hosts exhibitions showcasing local values. Since the end of 2020, an interactive exhibition consisting of several parts has been implemented in the Folk House, presenting the stages of wheat cultivation, grinding, and bread baking under the title “From Ploughing to Bread Breaking.”

Visitors have the opportunity to try out the traditional hand-operated mill, which is part of the exhibition.