We established BARBARIE KACSA Ltd. as a family business in 2009. By that time, we already had had 20 years of experience as independent producers in the field of raising and fattening ducks and geese. This expertise inspired us to embark on a path of development, and in 2011, we built our own poultry slaughterhouse (HU1045EK). We process the ducks and geese we raise and fatten at the abattoir, and then we sell the resulting high-quality meat products, including the renowned fattened liver (Foie Gras), both in the Hungarian and international markets. Our goal is to reach a wide consumer base while considering animal welfare aspects, alongside our dynamic growth. With decades of experience, an extensive network of connections, and a dedicated passion for the industry and gastronomy, we envision a positive future.

Contact information:

6131 Móricgát, Zrínyi Miklós u. 53. Tel: +3630 531 1331 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barbariekacsa