A Dósai Wine Cellar is a family business that was established in 1995 through their own efforts and hard work, based on family traditions. The activity was initiated by Dósai Mihály in the family, and later continued by his son, Dósai Imre, who became a recognized merchant. After settling in Majs, he purchased a 3-hectare vineyard in 1927 and started grape/wine production alongside trading in 1940. He replanted the acquired vineyard with Kövidinka and Kadarka grape varieties. In 1974, half of the vineyard at the Ötfai estate was reestablished by Imre’s father using Kövidinka and Kocsis Irma varieties, forming the foundation of their family’s grape and wine production.

In 1994-95, they built a cellar with a capacity of 250-300 hectoliters, and later in 2000, they constructed their current cellar with an approximate capacity of 400 hectoliters and a floor area of 100 square meters, which remains the basis for wine production.

Their goal is to carry on the family business and continue promoting the popularity of high-quality wines, making them accessible to wine enthusiasts.