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We organize a bicycle tour within the framework of the Bacroute project, the aim of which is to create a tourist route that crosses the Serbian and Hungarian borders, which connects local production sites in a socially and environmentally sustainable way, with parts of the local cultural heritage, under a common brand name. The all-day bicycle gastronomic tour takes in some of the settlements in Bács-Kiskun County (Szank, Kiskunmajsa, Kiskunhalas) and Vojvodina (Bácsfeketehegy) on a route that can be traveled partly by bicycle and partly by bus. The departure from Szanki is followed by a 30-kilometer ride in Kiskunság, touching the Váradi winery in Kiskunmajsa, to Kiskunhalas, where the participants board a bus and do not stop until Kishegyes in Vojvodina. From here to Bácsfeketehegy (about 6 km) the main role is played again by bicycles. Arriving in Bácsfeketehegy, the organizers await the participants with an afternoon lunch, who will have the opportunity to view the products of local producers in the hustle and bustle of the local Meggy Days fair before leaving for home.

The participants are transported by bus between Kiskunhalas-Topolya and Bácsfeketehegy-Szank, and their bicycles are transported by two vans. During the tour, a meal is provided in the morning at the Váradi winery (tasting snacks), while in the late afternoon at Bácsfeketehegy, otherwise the participants take care of their own food during the tour. On the cycling sections (between Szank-Kiskunhalas and Topolya-Bácsfeketehegy) the group will be led by bicycle tour guides, there will be no accompanying car.

We welcome cyclists over the age of 14 who regularly cycle distances of at least 40-50 kilometers and whose bikes are in good technical condition for road traffic (including the presence of the mandatory equipment). Everyone participates in the tour – during which it is mandatory to wear a cycling helmet – at their own risk.

Distance: 30+6 km (level: 0+20 meters)

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