Our family has a three-generational tradition of fruit cultivation and processing. The love for sour cherries has been passed on from father to son, just like the art of distilling pálinka (Hungarian fruit brandy). We primarily cultivate the local variety called Feketicsi sour cherry, which does not require pesticide treatment and is renowned for its outstanding antioxidant content, harmonious flavour, and deep red colour. Our sour cherry pálinka is marketed under the name “meggytargyi,” a protected brand name for our product. The sour cherry wine is made by fermenting pure sour cherry juice, resulting in a dry wine. Additionally, we produce sour cherry liqueur and pasteurized sour cherry juice. We also grow smaller quantities of apples, quinces, pears, plums, apricots, and grapes. Our pálinka is produced in a traditional pot still with double distillation.

Our products include:

  • Pasteurized fruit juices
  • Fruit pálinkas
  • Liqueurs and sour cherry wine

Our programs:

  • Sour cherry orchard visit
  • Pick-your-own fruit action
  • Distillery visit
  • Pálinka distillation course
  • Product tasting

My grandfather initially sold fresh fruit, including sour cherries. However, he also had a great love for pálinka. One time, he was served such bad pálinka that he decided never to drink someone else’s again and started making his own. That’s how fruit processing began in our family.

The Horkai fruit processing company welcomes visitors all year round!

Contact information:

Horkai Zsolt
Serbia – Vojvodina, Bácsfeketehegy, Bácska street 7.
Phone: +381637783019
E-mail: horkaizs@gmail.com
Website: www.horkai.co.rs
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/horkaigyumolcsle