Horváth Pál has been practicing beekeeping for nearly three decades. He now manages 100-150 beehives and travels through forests and meadows with his mobile honey house. He learned from his mentor that feeding bees with honey instead of sugar makes them much healthier, and he continues to follow this philosophy to this day. His product range includes acacia, goldenrod, mixed-flower, sunflower, wild tobacco, rapeseed honey, pollen, propolis, and the truly exceptional hawthorn honey, which is unique because hawthorn produces honey only once every 4-5 years.

His goal is to continue producing excellent quality products through his business, introduce consumers to exceptional honey varieties, and encourage the consumption of healthy sweets.

Contact Information:

Address: 6120 Kiskunmajsa, Hunyadi J. str. 23. Phone: +3630 372 5630