The first event centre of gastro-tourism houses a display manufactory making craft cognac cherry, where they carry on using the traditional technology of the factory in Kiskunmajsa. The municipal government of Szank established this display factory with the aim of preserving traditions. Mrs. Mária Ritzel Orbán was asked to manage the house, a noble task she happily accepted. While manufacturing the product, the most important goal is to teach the know-how and preserve the tradition of hand-made cognac cherries. The chocolate candy prepared here is a local and county-wide heritage. The manufacturing process can be viewed from behind glass windows. During the manufacturing of this high-quality sweet, special attention is paid to working with locally grown cherries dipped in alcohol.

Contact information:

Address: 6131 Szank, Rákóczi F. Street 21.
Phone: +3620 339 3237