In their family farm, they have been engaged in beekeeping for 9 years, currently managing 70 beehives. They collect excellent quality acacia and goldenrod honey from their bees. In addition to these, they have a unique product, hawthorn honey, which has been granted the product trademark of the Kiskunság National Park. They also offer unique flavoured honey, such as lavender and sea buckthorn. Other well-known varieties like rapeseed, mixed, and sunflower honey are also available.

Their beekeeping products include beeswax candles, gift packages, jars with custom labels, and a special rarity, beeswax wraps. These wraps are textiles coated with beeswax, providing a durable and biodegradable alternative to aluminum foil or plastic wrap. They can be reused multiple times, supporting their customers in adopting conscious and budget-friendly shopping and consumption habits.

As small-scale producers, they are also involved in microgreens and sprout cultivation. These organic plants contribute to a natural and healthy diet. Starting from seeds, they grow tender plants that can be consumed as sprouts or microgreens. The seeds they use are free from chemicals, and they use filtered water for watering and rinsing the plants, as these little greens are sensitive to chlorine. They sell microgreens in trays at the local market, making it easy for customers to store and use them later. The sprouts are ready-to-eat food. Some of the varieties they cultivate include radish, rapeseed, broccoli, mung bean, alfalfa, mustard, leek, red cabbage, and red amaranth.