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Kishegyes is located in the basin surrounded by the Telecska hills in the middle of Bácska, forming a municipality with Szikics (Lovćenac) and Bácsfeketehegy. It is one of the smallest municipalities in the region, covering only 181 square kilometers. The population consists of Hungarians, Montenegrins, Serbs, and other ethnicities.

The name “Hegyes” appeared for the first time in 1476 without the designation of the county when the estates of the Maróthi family in the Tisza region were listed.

In this list, there were mentioned: Szegegyház, Feketeegyház, Két-Sopronya, Kutas, and also Nagyhegyes and Kishegyes. On February 16, 1462, King Matthias granted these listed settlements and estates to his mother, Queen Elizabeth, to support her more dignified court life, according to her request.

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