Production and distribution of cottage cheese, sour cream, cow, goat, and sheep cheeses. The Kiss couple has been engaged in animal husbandry in Jászszentlászló for over twenty years. However, it was only after Gáborné Gyöngyi Kiss lost her main job that she started processing dairy products. She applied the knowledge and recipes she gathered from books, experimented, and listened to feedback from her customers, to create her own recipes. Her sour cream, cottage cheese, and various cheeses are always of high-quality fresh milk that she processes under hygienic conditions before selling. Her transformed cart can be found three times a week at the market in Kiskunfélegyháza, while in Jászszentlászló, she is available on Thursdays.

Contact information:

6133 Jászszentlászló, Honvéd u. 8/a. Tel: +3677 492 068; +3630 230 3846