In 2015, we started keeping native animals on our farm! At our farm, you can see Hungarian Grey Cattle, Water Buffalo, Racka Sheep, Nonius Horses, and Mangalica Pigs! During winter, we offer the traditional Kun pig slaughtering program, where our guests can experience the preparation and cooking of traditional dishes. In early summer, we have a cherry-picking program combined with barbecuing, cooking lamb stew, and grilling! For those who crave a taste of rural life, you can try your hand at various seasonal farm tasks.

Our products available for purchase include Feketicsi cherry pálinka and Mangalica products such as bacon, ham, sausages, winter salami, various fillings, Hungarian Grey Cattle and Mangalica salami, as well as Buffalo and Mangalica salami.

Contact Information:

Bácsfeketehegy, 24323, Verbászi road
Phone.: +381 64 18 73 446