Founded in 1994, Krivaja Hunting Association was named after the Krivaja River, which crosses the village of Mali Iđoš. Our hunting ground is located in North Bačka toward the south only 70 km from the Hungarian border dividing the Budapest-Belgrade highway.

The association came to life by the unification of three hunting parties, the “Szarvas” of Feketić, the “Szikics” of Lovćenac, and the “Fácán” of Mali Iđoš.

Our hunting ground measures a total of 18,113.47 hectares and, under the 2010 Hunting Act, it is composed of two parts: to the west of the highway, Krivaja 1 is 12,293.03 hectares and, to the east, Krivaja 2 is 5,820.44 hectares. The majority of our hunting ground is agricultural land with smaller lanes and patches of forests. The area abounds in small game, the only big game is the roe deer. Typical species include rabbits, pheasants, partridges, quails, collared doves, African doves, wood pigeons, anatids and roe deers.

Our association has close to 100 members, and we employ 1 professional hunter and 1 gamekeeper. Hunting on our ground is not only available to our members. We are happy to host guest hunters responding to their needs and the season, including accommodation and meals. Our hunting lodge has 4 bedrooms, a meeting room and catering facilities. We have local and international guests, too, who primarily hunt for roebuck in the spring, quail, collared dove and African dove in the summer and pheasant and rabbit in the fall.

If you are interested, contact us to arrange your visit!