Geological excavation – Hiking Trail “Varangykő” – Csólyospálos

Hikers of “Varangykő” trail in Csólyospálos can get an authentic picture of the history of a long forgotten building material, “darázskő” (wasp stone). It was already well-known during the Árpád Age.


Jonathermál Thermal – Kiskunmajsa

With its 40 years of history, the main tourist attraction of Kiskunmajsa is Jonathermál Thermal Spa and Water Park located 4 kms from the center of the town. The use of thermal water of 72°C with sodium bicarbonate content started in 1984.


Long-lasting Pink Nature Trail – Kiskunmajsa

The long-lasting pink is a tall, ash gray plant that grows up to 20-50 cm. Its vivid pink flowers stand alone or in small bunches at the top of the stem. It has a long blooming period, the flowers do not open at the same time. This is where its name “long-lasting pink” comes from.


Sports Grounds and Bowling Alley – Szank

Enthusiasts of this sport are welcome to use high-quality bowling alleys at the sports grounds. There are four competition lanes for professionals and four practice lanes for general audiences.


Krivaja Hunting Association
– Kishegyes

Founded in 1994, Krivaja Hunting Association was named after the Krivaja River, which crosses the village of Mali Iđoš. Our hunting ground is located in North Bačka toward the south only 70 km from the Hungarian border dividing the Budapest-Belgrade highway.


A further range of sports opportunities

Sports facilities Adress
Holiday village, fitness park, for own body weight training Kiskunmajsa, Rekettye str.
Sports field: running track, indoor tennis, artificial grass and grass football field Kiskunmajsa, Kálvária str. 12/A
EverSport Fitness Centrum 

Tennis and volleyball court, Bar fitness, Aerial hoop gymnastics, Pilates, MetCon, Cross Training, Football individual training, yoga

Kiskunmajsa, Kálvária str 12/B
Fitness park Kiskunmajsa, Híd park
Fitness park Kiskunmajsa, Erkel square
Bicycle path Kiskunmajsa-Bugac
Strong Body Fitness Gym Kiskunmajsa, Fő str. 83.
Hunor SE: sport and clay pigeon shooting Kiskunmajsa
Table tennis Kiskunmajsa
Sports field and fitness park
Csólyospálos, Bartók Béla str.
Sports field Jászszentlászló, Sport str.
Sports field Kömpöc