The long-lasting pink is a tall, ash gray plant that grows up to 20-50 cm. Its vivid pink flowers stand alone or in small bunches at the top of the stem. It has a long blooming period, the flowers do not open at the same time. This is where its name “long-lasting pink” comes from. These days, 85% of the proven stock grows in the areas of Kiskunmajsa-Bodoglár and Bócsa, but they scarcely appear around Szank, too. This perennial pink species is autochthonous only in Hungary, in the sandy plains and meadows of the area between the Tisza and the Danube. It prefers calcareous soil in particular. Although long-lasting pinks have a long blooming period, earlier, only few people knew and spotted this rare plant.

Today, however, anyone can enjoy learning about this species, if they follow the one-kilometer-long Long-lasting Pink Nature Trail among the sand dunes of Bodoglár. The nature trail, which was built to protect the sandy surface and the plant, as well, meanders for 500 meters among hawthorn shrubs, black pines and long-lasting pinks until it reaches the observation tower on top of a dune.

The nature trail is a unique natural site in the area. It can be visited with or without a guide all through the year. In Europe, this is the largest habitat of this rare plant species.