The community of Feketić started to use the Country House in 2014 with the help of funding from the IPA project titled “Cherry and Honey”. Professor Ferenc Sárközi, who the regional museum is named after, started the ethnographic collection of old, unused objects piled up in the attics of Feketić. Thanks to his work, several objects were conserved for future generations that young people today would never know about. The Regional Museum is home to these objects, and the exhibition was expanded with further display items from the past.

The Cultural Centre of Feketić is the central venue of local cultural life. The building itself was renovated in 2008 with 7 new guest rooms in the loft and an expanded space on the ground floor. In the building of the Cultural Centre, the Feketić Hungarian Cultural and Local History Association runs several clubs for children and adults.

Apart from these, several other events (children’s camps, meetings, exhibitions, concerts, competitions, etc.) bring the locals together and entertain friends from Vojvodina and the motherland.