Before the Hungarian conquest, based on the excavation work carried out in 1901, it can be determined that Avars lived in the area of the present settlement. In a document from 1476, it was mentioned under the name “Zegegyhaz” and listed as the property of the Maróti family. In 1520, it belonged to Csongrád county and appeared in the tax register of Csongrád. The name “Szekity” appears in a property declaration from Kalocsa in 1543. From this name, the Serbian name “Sekić” can be derived, which is related to the original name of Szegegyház.

In 1652, it was mentioned among the properties of Ferenc Wesselényi, already in the form of “Szeketics,” as a Serbian village. In 1655, it was still owned by the Wesselényi family, and at that time, Adam Wesselényi was listed as the owner of Szeketics.