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This is one of the biggest events in the region. At the center of the event is the identity of the Kunis, according to the venue, which will be at the Kiskun Memorial in Szank. Gastronomic experiences from the region and beyond. Manual, traditional harvesting competition. Many Kun captains arrive from Jászság, Nagykunság and Kiskunság.

Friday, July 1

a competition of vintage teams, a good lunch and music at noon, a presentation of local riders, and a strongman competition are expected. During the evening on stage: Cory Happy Gang, Dr BRS, BSW, Andi Tóth, Dj Tomika and IMMI V.

Saturday, July 2

After the holy prayer, the chief captain will be installed. Traditional singing and dancing shows can be seen and heard. During the day: folk game park, outlaw and weapon show, archery show, magician show. Evening program: Csaba Petroczki, Attila Szilágyi, Tamás Palcsó, Bence Mondok, spectacular fireworks.